Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cebu Boy

It's been a while since we've began contemplating on bringing Jacob to Cebu.  With wife pregnant with second kid, we figured out that this was the right moment to have Jacob experience being "out of town" this far.  Otherwise, he has to wait until his future baby brother will be 3 years old.

As expected Jacob was ecstatic.  He was excited to be at the airport and ride a full size version of his favourite toy, an airplane.  He always go crazy seeing one in the sky.  He can't help but be excited when he saw the airplane up close from the waiting lounge.  I was a bit worried that he might freak out when he boards the plane because the last time he was asked to ride another full version of his favourite toy, a back hoe, he chickened out.  Thankfully, he did not.  We made sure we got really good seats (bulk head) so that if Jacob gets a little nauseated on the plane, there is little possibility we'll bother other passengers.  Again, Jacob was calm.  He wasn't even bothered at all by the change in the cabin's pressure.

We've visited quite a few places like the Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort, Amara, and my grandma's place.  Although I think Jacob remembers the visit to my relatives, but not as much as he remembers the  plane ride.  It's all that he ever talks about when we came back.  I'm glad that Jacob enjoyed his first plane ride and first visit to his ancestors' hometown.