Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doctor's Appointment #1

I went on half-day leave from work today to accompany my wife to the OB-GYN. Since it's the first doctor's appointment after we found out about the pregnancy, I find it very important to be there lest I be accused as not excited, absentee or worse irresponsible. Specially because I am very excited and I will do my best to not be irresponsible and I want to be always there, for my wife and my future kids.

Anyway, we were eighth in line and doctor is an hour late. So we decided to go to a nearby coffee shop to wait. We called the clinic for a couple of times before it was confirmed that the doctor is already in and interviewing patient #3. I dropped Carmela at the entrance of UM Multitest Center then proceeded to search for a parking space in the crowded downtown area. After I circumnavigated the block, I found a perfect spot near Mandaya hotel. Then I walked what seemed to my gout ridden feet, a mile to the clinic. Under the heat of the sun coupled with my 220-pound frame, it was not a pleasant walk. All for my future kid, I said to myself.

I reconfirmed that I am a very impatient man because I was already anxious waiting for our turn in spite of being just the third in line already. When it was our turn I was half expecting fireworks because that was how my heart felt since last Saturday.

Unfortunately, I learned today, this was just an ordinary day for an obstetrician/gynecologist. The doctor seemed not to share my heart's excited pounding. She just matter-of-factly asked my wife about her medical history and of her family. Yeah, I did not even count. Anway, she proceeded to prescribe a folic acid/folate (something) medicine and supplement. She just lackadaisically explained to my wife what she can expect and what she will experience in the coming months. Again, I was just treated as a wallflower. She also checked her crystal ball (or some chart) and told my wife that her tentative due date is January 9, 2009.

And that was it. No ultrasound and no looking at any monitor. Well, I was told that it is not yet needed as of the moment. So I would just have to take this non-event and somehow encapsulate my excitement with it. I guess I should be happy because this ho-hum event means that everything is normal. And I can't ask for more.


kEwL MomMa said...

Again, I was just treated as a wallflower.
..dont you worry, friend. When the baby's out you'll be a lot of help. You no longer will be treated as some curtain. :)

Ron Reyes said...

again... I was just unable to approve it. kinda busy at work.