Monday, August 9, 2010

Of Lullabies and Jacob Growing Up

Jacob is now 1 year and 7 months. He has become a very cute toddler. He talks a lot, very loquacious. Except that I can hardly understand most of what he says. He is very intelligent. He knows how to "manipulate" us so that he can get his way. He shows all these attitude and crying to those people this kind of tactic would work. However, this will not work with me. Being intelligent, he already found a work around when it comes to me. Once he can't get his way with me, he would try this "I am hurt" look and then hugs me and plants a kiss on my cheek. Not even at my best would I not give in.

* * *

At 19 months I never thought that singing a lullaby would be an issue. I thought that since Jacob is older, a lullaby is out of the question. Big mistake. Not only that it is a required bed-time activity, there is only one specific song that he demands. Baby by Justin Bieber. It is safe to say that of all the songs, Baby is the most outrageous thing to ask me and Carmela to sing. Well, I probably will but Carmela is the most non pop music fan in the world. She's into what I consider cool music. We're left with no choice but to half sing half hum Baby. Please let there be no rapping!

I remember the time when any song would do. In fact, the very first lullaby that I sang to Jacob is my lullaby rendition of the Parokya ni Edgar classic, Don't Touch My Birdy. I know, I could have made a better choice but I did not have anything in my head when I did that. I was feeding him milk while rotating the milk bottle the way his pediatrician taught us to do it. At that point, singing was the last thing in my head. But Jacob seems to calm down when being sang to, so I did. And that song was the first thing I could come up with.

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