Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Andrew

My dear Andrew, you were born in a time when your country had a series of unfortunate events.  We are still reeling from the effects of  Typhoon Pablo (just in case there are international readers out there, the international name of this storm is Bopha).  This boxing, beauty contest, and (recently) Football crazy country also suffered big defeats. Manny "the PacMan" Pacquiao lost to long time rival, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miss Philippines was just 1st runner-up when everybody thought she would win, and lastly, our national football team, the Team Azkals lost their semi-final match to the eventual winners of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup, the Lions of Singapore.

All these unfortunate events seem now a memory of a distant past in our family because of your arrival.  You are our shining hope in the midst of the not so sunny news.  And just like your Kuya Jacob I have high hopes for your future because I know you will succeed because you will do everything to reach your goal as evidenced when  you cry bloody murder at night when we are all asleep and you want milk.  I am also sure you'll be famous someday because your first picture got around a hundred likes in Facebook!  You were just a few hours old yet you are already a star! On a much personal and selfish note, I am also very happy because you look a lot like me (or so your Lola Dolly said, I have not seen myself as a baby, of course).  Lola Dolly said, we share the same bushy hair and fairly red skin as a newborn.  We also have the same blood type, B+.  Your Kuya Jacob is very handsome, too, just like you but he looks like your mom.  I can only hope that you boys will not be heart breakers, just like your dad.

Kidding aside, my little one, I pray to God that He will bless you all the time and may He give us the strength and the wisdom to successfully guide you into becoming the intelligent and God-fearing man you are destined to be.  May he guide us in instilling in you the right values to help you become what you wanna be when you grow up.  I love you so much, my son.


Kuya Jacob promised to share his toys to you, not just his old clothes.


Lei said...

Congratulations and thank you Ron for giving the world another beautiful soul. Happy holidays.

Lei said...

Congratulations and thank you Ron for giving the world another beautiful soul.

Happy Holidays.