Friday, January 30, 2009

Check Attendance

Jacob with my dad and mom taken using my Samsung Tocco

It's been interesting ever since Jacob was born.  The usual 3-people house now has Jacob and the additional nursemaid (at the risk of sounding stuck-up, I think this is the English equivalent of yaya).  On a daily basis the grandparents are also there to check on Jacob.  He is our first child and he is also the first grandchild of my parents and my in-laws, hence their excitement and interest.  The doting grandmas (Dolly and Carmen) are always carrying Jacob.  They get really frustrated if when arrive and the baby is asleep.  That is the reason why my parents come in the morning in time for Jacob's bath and my in-laws in the evening in time for Jacob's feeding.  A sure thing that he is awake.

Jacob, bless the kid, also knows the importance of his grandmas in the future (source of toys!) and he never acts up.  He just comfortably lies in their arms and just makes himself cute.  I usually quip that we check the grandparents' attendance and chide my mom when they're absent.

Good times.

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