Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear Jacob

Cha-cha (charter change, change in our Constitution) movement has resurrected yet again for the nth time, the "Alabang Boys" are all over the papers (they are the rich and prominent drug pusher kids who just got arrested), the current Speaker of the House of Representative is from our city (he's the 4th highest official of our country but I don't know why we are not so proud), a rich and powerful mayor from Lanao mauled a 14 year old kid and his dad over golf etiquette, Israel and the Hamas militants of Gaza are at war and are killing each other with missiles, and in sports, Olypic sprinter Usain Bolt was voted athlete of the year over Olympic multi-medalist swimmer Michael Phelps.

On the day that you were born these were the headlines on the news. I wish there were more bright and sunny news but that's how the world is. It is a sad fact that there is so much suffering around us. But I promise you, kid, that I will make sure that you will be prepared for the realities of life. It's not all rainbows and butterflies, it's not all rosy, but it's a world worth living, a world worth saving. I will heed the call of the Baron of Gilwell to try to make this world a little better than we have found it. For you.

But more than anything, Jacob, should we fail to make the world better for you, there is one thing that you can count on that will not fail. That is our love. My love. Your mom's love. We will do our best for you and most of all we will love you.

Welcome to the world, my son.