Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Skills

Jacob is now 2 weeks old. In that span of time I learned some few basics regarding how to take care of a baby. The easiest is carrying him. It's almost instinctive. Just support the head. Plus I have long arms so I don't worry about that. Next I learned how to feed the baby using the milk bottle. The pediatrician showed me how. He was probably thinking I suck at it and the best way is to show how it's done. It's really just a modified "carrying-the-baby-in-my-arm" kinda thing. The only difference is that the other hand should be free to hold the milk bottle. One major tip I got was to rotate or turn the bottle while the baby is feeding. I think it's because of the air inside the bottle but I really don't know why it should be done. I do it anyway. In connection, I know how to make the milk, it's just a one is to one ratio. Easy!

One of the things I dreaded was how to make the baby burp. They said it's important so that the baby will not have a bum stomach. But I was able to do it and when I heard the baby burped, it was like a big accomplishment. I was ecstatic.

However, there are more things that i should learn and do. I've been bugged by my friends to change the diaper. Specially now that "it" doesn't stink yet. For the information of people, I know how to change the diaper. I've seen it done and the diaper that we use is really easy to handle. It's just that I don't wanna do it. For now. We have people to do it for us. Giggle. I know, there is no excuse. I am planning to do it soon. I promise. I also want to learn how to bathe the baby. If I hack this last two, I can be left alone with Jacob already.

I am just lucky that I have a hands-on wife. She is great at taking care of my son. She even hardly sleeps because she is so devoted. She makes fatherhood easy for me.

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